Follow a Major Motion Picture Through the Diamond Desiree Fan Club on You Tube

The movie “xx Girls” featured the popular dancer Xuma Deshawnah Moseley in the lead role and she had already established her name in front of millions of television viewers through her previous appearances in major network TV shows like “andi” and “the lost princess.” But what made her standalone film “or Girls: Resisting Sexual temptation” more intriguing was its lead character, a thirty-something spin-star actress named Diamond Desiree who is trying to balance her career and her personal life. As a result, she ends up getting more involved in her love life and even loses her job at a popular restaurant because of one disastrous event that left her with alcohol and drugs. Directed by Nicole Kidman, the movie gave the public another female star worth watching like no other, especially female celebrities who have been struggling with similar issues as Diamond.

The film played on the media’s expectations about desirous female stars of course, but it also gave diamond_desiree a chance to perform like an adult without necessarily being objectified in a sexual way. While we are all aware that a female performer can be sexual by nature and still be a performer who is considered a sex symbol by the majority, the fact that diamond_Desiree’s story showed her as a real person outside any labels makes her more credible as a lead character in the movie. However, the movie gave her more to do than just becoming a sex symbol in the eyes of many men. She became an example of real women finding true happiness in their own lives despite the obstacles in front of them.

For all of the advantages diamond_Desiree had when she appeared in the “xx girls” movie, one of the most powerful moments for her was the moment when she stepped out of the limo and immediately confronted her chauffer about his treatment of her. As we have seen in previous films, Diamond Desiree was not just a pretty face, but also a confident woman who didn’t take any crap from anyone. That sense of empowerment and determination shines through in her live video stream on You Tube. After finding out that her driver was responsible for her beating in the car, she got up from the table and confronted him about it. In the video stream, Diamond Desirese maintained her composure as she calmly explained her side of the story to her chauffeur and then confronted him one-on-one.

When I first watched the “xx girls” movie, I did not expect to find so much in the way of emotionalism in its storyline. It is understandable that a viewer looking for explicit scenes might come away with a different perspective. Instead, I came away feeling that the message diamond_Desiree was trying to get across was one of female empowerment and success, which are the kind of positive message that I want to see Diamond Desirese convey. Through the live video stream on You Tube, Diamond gets to directly initiate the conversation with her chauffeur, which ends up leading to yet another empowering scene for the young starlet. If you are someone who is interested in following a famous woman around and watching her attempt to succeed, you will most likely be impressed with what you see.

Another movie that comes to mind when thinking of Diamond Desiree is Pretty Woman. In this film, Serena Dangerfield is an ambitious, but clueless young woman who end up falling for one of the men from her rich family. While I think Pretty Woman was a fun and enjoyable film, I am certainly not going to recommend it to someone looking for an emotional and coming-of-age story like the one Diamond Desirese is offering on You Tube. The main character in that film is played by Julia Roberts, who is clearly more invested in playing an iconic character than in providing interesting dialogue and leading the viewer towards the desired outcome of the plot.

If you are someone who wants to follow a major motion picture like Pretty Woman or a coming of age drama like Diamond Desiree, then you may want to consider paying a visit to the diamond_Desiree fan club on You Tube. On the site, members have access to live streaming video chat, blog posts, and the member’s only section, which is full of tips, hints, and secrets the members find interesting. There is also a message board for fans of the movie to interact directly initiate conversations about the film. Members also have access to “likes” and dislikes,” which can be used to encourage positive interaction among fans of the movie.