Hot Falling Dracula Review

A vampire movie with a lot going for it is HotfallingDevil. Directed by Greg Garcia, the movie starts out with a bang! After catching a case of a vamp who had sex with a dog, psychiatrist Dr. Julia Grey (Jennifer Aniston) is on the trail of the culprit. Along the way, she learns that her own connection to the monster called the Vampiress has come to the surface. With a bit of help from a sexy vampire named Chaturbate (Keira Knightley), Julia is finally capture what she so desperately needs…

After taking a short trip from New York City to Connecticut to visit her daughter’s cabin, Julia finds herself falling in love with a local cattle ranch boy named Calvin (Brian Price). The two spend a lot of time together, and even when they are alone, Julia can’t help but notice the aura of fear that covers both of them. It all seems so innocent, until the Vampiress attacks. Now, it is up to the good doctor to save the day, even while battling a demon. Who will win in this battle of good versus evil?

This movie follows in the footsteps of Saw and The Shining, in which the director took the idea of mental illness and made it very psychological. In both films, the audience was able to sympathize for the characters because they felt what they were going through. This is true in Hot Falls, where the audience will have compassion for the characters if only because they too have their own demons. Watching the movie will help you understand what is going on with the characters, and why they do the things they do.

Although Garcia is not a master at creating characters, he is a master at showing them. The supporting cast, which also includes Keira Knightley, does a great job playing the supportive characters, keeping the audiences involved in their own emotions while helping the doctors battle the Vampiress. Although the first half of the film is slow, once the Vampiress is defeated the pace picks up quite fast. This makes the film entertaining for everyone…

I’m not a huge fan of vampire movies, but I sure did enjoy Hot Falls. The cinematography was very well done, and the special effects were real. Watching these special effects was like watching my favorite horror movies, like Twilight and Halloween. My only complaint with the movie is that there was very little blood shed, and some of the fighting was a bit slow. However, the overall atmosphere of the movie was fantastic!

Hot Falling Devil is about as realistic as you can get. Although, the vampire themes are, it does still feel like Hot Falling Dracula, the sweet ending being just as sweet as the bad one! I would recommend watching the movie with someone you know who enjoys vampires, or just to pass the time…I certainly did! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the Hot Falling DVDs that is sure to be coming out!