A Review of the Barbasco Restaurant inarlakole!

The restaurant of the same name in Karlakole is a wonderful place to eat. It has a long, historical past and is a perfect place for a business dinner. I had the pleasure of dining there with my husband and brother-in-law and wife about three weeks ago. I ordered the lamb stew with rice and sweet potatoes. I was not disappointed at all.

The restaurant serves traditional South Indian food. My family enjoyed the fresh spices and the tender meat. I am not normally a huge fan of South Indian food but this place did an excellent job of serving it. Service was also friendly and knowledgeable.

During our meal, our server suggested that we try the masala nachos. I was not sure if this was something my family would enjoy, but he was correct. They have a variety of flavors including garlic, onion and cashews to name a few.

After dessert, we were able to find a table in the back of the restaurant. My husband immediately noticed how clean and well taken care of the restaurant. As we were seated, he noticed that there was only one waitress and she quickly took care of our order. She was kind and came by every few minutes to check on us. She even came out when we were a bit hungry. When she did leave, she returned quickly to check on us again.

My sister and I are regular customers and we were impressed with the service. Prices are reasonable and they do an excellent job. They have several Indian dishes as well as a wide variety of international dishes. You can get a side of rice and a vegetable dish or a beef and rice plate. For those who are looking for a quick lunch or dinner, this is the place to go.

Parking is free. The inside of the restaurant is decorated very neatly. We were given complimentary wooden chairs when we came in. The staff was very helpful and patient with our requests. The prices are very reasonable and the food tastes great!

The server was very attentive and helpful throughout our meal. He made sure we had something to drink to help with the discomfort from sitting for so long. Before we left, he told us about this restaurant and how he loves it. He also mentioned that his favorite thing to order is the Barbasco Chicken which comes with rice and beans.

After our meal, the manager came out with a very friendly smile. He also offered to give us a discount coupon for our next visit! This guy was definitely helpful and made our visit very pleasant!

If you are ever in the neighborhood, you should definitely stop by the restaurant. It will open your eyes to some great treats! You won’t be sorry you stopped by. And who knows, you may become a lifetime fan of this wonderful restaurant.