Review of “Katt LeYa” Music and Arts

Born and raised in New York City, Katt Leya is a rising star and an emerging musician who produce music soothing to the ear. A die-hard Coldplay fan, Katt developed a love for the band’s music at a very young age. He even has a cover of their classic song, “Don’t Play That Song,” on his hip-hop album, Camsoda.

As a musician, Katt has created music that is deeply personal and inspirational. He has put out music as a member of Coldplay, but he has also released solo music and worked with producer Don Williams. The London-based musician has garnered critical acclaim and has been invited to perform at the White House and the U.S. National Jazz Festival. During his stay in Washington, D.C., he opened for legendary musician Kanye West and was even seen on Late Night With David Letterman. Now, he hopes to collaborate with a pop artist who has a similar sound as Camsoda.

In the summer of 2020, Katt launched a self-titled website, Camsoda Records. Although he initially designed the site as a way to release his independent music, it soon became a destination for music and art enthusiasts nationwide. In addition to Camsoda’s music, the site features original art from local and international artists, photos, sketches, paintings, and photographic works. While the primary focus is on independent artists and independent music, Katt also displays work by pop stars like David Bowie and Billy Ray Cyrus. Katt is hoping to create a partnership with such performers so that he may offer direct marketing services.

Katt’s eclectic interests and artistic sensibility have allowed him to develop an eye for finding and attracting talented people who might be overlooked by major record labels. One of the artists he has drawn interest from is British pop artist, Pixie Lott, whose music has an edgy, youthful flavor. Other musical interests have included country music singer-songwriter, Matt Damon, and pop artist, Boyz II Men’s vocalist, Jason Mraz. Both bands are producing music that carries the elements of “indie” style.

Although Katt is primarily known as a visual artist, he has developed a reputation for developing musical concepts that can be expressed on a multitude of media. Some of his more interesting projects include performing live at Seattle’s First Avenue nightclub, where he sings and plays guitar. His other interests include creating artwork, video animations, commercials, and full-length movies. His most recent project, entitled “Blues,” features him alongside jazz, blues, and rhythm and blues greats such as Leiber, Coleman, Arebell, and others.

Katt is open about his desire to develop his music career into a film. He has composed several songs that have been scored to music by Wes Montgomery. He would also like to produce movies focusing on social issues, such as AIDS and poverty. As he says, “I’d like to make movies with messages that are funny but also very poignant.” Katt leya will continue to create music and work in the film industry.