Why Is “Lana Rain” So Popular?

“Lana Rain” lyrics are those of the late singer-songwriter, Liz Rose. This track from her album, Only Tonight, is certainly not a mainstream hit, but it does have its die-hard fans. The music is an arrangement of Fats Domino’s “I’m a Believer”, but it is performed by Rose and has a different feel and melody than the original.

“Lana Rain” was inspired by the death of Rita Houghton, who was the vocalist for the Yardbirds. Her untimely death touched both her fans and listeners around the world. Her untimely death inspired the song “I’m a Believer”. Although Houghton’s untimely death is immortalized in the song, it did not overshadow Rose’s devotion to her fellow female musicians.

“Lana Rain” contains a soulful melody which is catchy and easily understood. It also has a fast tempo. Both these attributes make it easy for it to remain on the listener’s mind and keep their attention. Even though it is an acoustic number, it is still very popular with country lovers and music lovers. Its steady pace and soulful melodies have made it a top selling single.

Just before it was released, it was featured in many music polls and received heavy rotation on various radio stations. Its steady stream of popularity has allowed it to go straight into the second week of the CD chart. “Lana Rain” was also certified gold by the American Recordings Corporation. Its chart topping achievement makes it one of the best selling albums of all time.

Rose is no stranger to controversy, having created several altercations in her musical career. She is constantly battling a public nuisance, Amber Alerts, through her concerts. “Lana Rain” has managed to stay out of the public eye despite its popularity and is still a highly sought after recording by her fans. It has remained in the album chart for the third week in a row.

This is just another example of how well connected the internet has become to artists and their music. In this case, the singer herself has managed to give fans access to information regarding her music. There is even a website devoted solely to her. Other artists are no longer hidden or unheard of, they can now be found easily by looking up their information on the internet. Fans who want to listen to their favorite artist can do so by simply searching the internet. By doing this, fans not only get to hear their favorite music, but can see photos, videos, and interviews related to their favorite band or artist.