Camsoda Live Music Festival Review

Liza Del Sierra has been teasing us with her sizzling and sultry performances for many years now. Born and raised in Oviedo, Liza has always been a huge fan favorite amongst the people. So when the opportunity to visit her native Spain came by, we were all over it like a little kid on Christmas. In fact, this past year we were lucky enough to catch Liza in person during the madness that was Camsoda Live! Here are some of our favorite moments with Liza Del Sierra:

The first year of Camsoda Live was marked by a lot of controversy, as it was because the show was hosted by Laura Marling who happens to be a well-known burlesque actress. Laura was hosting the event after having a number of successful shows in the UK, and was definitely on the level of popularity then. It was the first time that Camsoda had been hosting an event with such a renowned personality as Laura Marling involved. During the event however, it seemed as though things were just not right. Laura ended up getting attacked by a member of the audience, and the whole thing ended quite badly.

The next Camsoda Live event witnessed even more controversy. This time around it was Randa Jarrar wearing a skimpy outfit made entirely out of fishnet stockings. Needless to say, the whole “naughty school girl” routine did not go over very well, as Randa could be seen covering her torso with fishnet, in what looked like a suggestive manner. Randa later explained that she had worn the outfit in memory of someone who was also close to her, and who died a few years ago. Apparently nothing else was said about the incident afterwards.

There was another incident which took place at the Camsoda Live Festival. Last year during the closing night show, there was a man who decided to jump on stage, and dance to a female band. He startedle the crowd with his drunken shout. As the audience broke up, Laura Merritt started to scream, while another audience member began to attack him. The police were called, and the man was taken away by the Camsoda security staff.

Apparently this man is not the only person who has had similar experiences at the Camsoda events. According to Laura, a woman once threw her drink at her, and then started to assault her. Laura was able to grab the woman’s drink, and slam her head on the ground. The crowd seemed very agitated at this point, and there were quite a few people screaming at the couple, asking them to leave. Luckily, they were soon calmed down by Camsoda staff.

Overall, the Camsoda Live Music Festival was a great opportunity for Laura Merritt to perform her original Spanish songs. The band itself was fantastic, and each song was performed to their own unique sound. It was a very relaxing evening, and I couldn’t wait to see them again. Another great aspect of this band is that they play any style of music that you want, at any time, including some very traditional stuff. This is definitely a band that I will be looking forward to seeing on a regular basis. They are definitely up and coming, and have quickly become a crowd favorite.