Scents Available From LoonAscandi

Loonascandi is a relatively new company out of Portugal. But what it has created has a lot to do with what people expect from potpourri fragrances. For example, many scents are prepared using essential oils that are prepared from a specific tree. Loonascandi creates scents that are made from ingredients that are found in the five major regions of Portugal, where it has its main production. The company’s scents are made using organic ingredients, and it also uses all-natural carrier oils that are made from olives.

The most popular one of these is the Original Oil. This scent is a complex blend of diverse scents created from different botanical sources, such as rose, mint, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass, ginger, jasmine, tamarindo, patchouli, and many others. The scent of this product is heavily emphasized by the presence of rice residue and wheat. The base of the scent is also made up of various potpourri mixes that were used by the Native Americans of Portugal. This perfume is the company’s signature scent, and it is a relatively expensive one.

Cacao Absolute is another of Loonascandi’s scents available. This potpourri fragrance is made from pure natural cocoa extracts. It has a very rich, intense smell that lasts for hours. This product is highly sought after by many because of its rich, sweet smell. This also happens to be one of the scents available in Loonascandi’s Original Oil collection.

Citrus Zest is another of Loonascandi’s wonderful scents. It is made by mixing grapefruit and lime extracts. This creates a scent that is light and fruity, with hints of citrus and floral. Many people find this scent extremely nice and are normally very happy with the results. This is another scent you will likely be very happy with, especially if you love citrus!

Loonascandi also has scents available that are made from essential oils. These types of scents are great for creating diffused smells in your home. You can spray them on and inhale them to relax or freshen up. They are generally available for purchase in quite a few different places, such as health food stores and some department stores.

The company is actually very proud that all of the scents available are all natural, chemical free, and organic. They also claim that their products are completely scent free, which is always a relief for allergy sufferers. There are so many wonderful aromas to choose from that it can be difficult to pick just one. With all the options available, you should have no problem finding the perfect scent for your home!