Luxodetta Review – A Great Indie Game For PC

The story of Luxodetta is not that much of a surprise anymore. It’s one of those hidden object games where you have to explore the city, get clues, and solve puzzles to find out what’s going on. It takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it. If you like mystery adventure games then you’re in luck with this one.

In Luxodetta you play as a detective who goes on a mission to find out why there has been a series of murders in the city. You have two choices – to investigate by yourself or to hire a professional to help you with your investigation. Each one costs you some coins, so it balances out nicely. Once all the investigation is done, you’ll uncover the culprit and put an end to this madness once and for all.

This game is one of those rare games where the story isn’t all that exciting. It’s more than that though – it’s filled with intrigue and mystery. For fans of the supernatural, this is a great game to play. If you’re not a supernatural kind of person then you might not enjoy this game that much.

Another great thing about this game is that there are multiple endings. In addition to that, the art and music add a lot to the atmosphere of the game. Overall it’s a great game to play and has many things to offer. You should definitely consider it when playing hidden object games.

When you’re playing Luxodetta, you’re not limited to just searching for clues and solving murders. You can also buy the little items used for solving puzzles and fighting enemies. These items are often recharged by collecting energy cells which are found during exploration. You can even buy special shoes that boost your walking speed.

The actual fighting in Luxodetta is quite interesting. You can block, hit, and parry your way through the levels. You’re constantly fighting to advance further into the mansion. The graphics are nice, but nothing spectacular. However, if you’re looking for a great action-filled game that’s full of mystery, then this game is for you.

If you’re a first-timer to horror games, don’t worry. This game isn’t scary at all. It’s suspenseful and even a little bit funny at times. For example, when you’re investigating the body, a cat drops from the tree onto you. It seems like a very scene out of a horror movie, except you’re not stuck in a lab with a crazy scientist.

For older fans of horror fiction, don’t worry. There’s plenty of violence in this game. However, it’s nothing compared to Dead Island, Amnesia or Insomnia. I’m sure you can find other games on the market that are much worse. The only bad thing about Luxodetta is that its story is too short to be considered good by most horror lovers.

Overall, I recommend this game if you like hidden object games. Don’t let the graphics and simplicity of the game fool you. If you’re willing to explore and listen to a lot of dialog then you’ll find this game is great. You won’t be disappointed.