Queenanna Weed

Queenanna Cortina was born in 1737 near Trioli in the peninsula of Cortina in Italy. It was said that she was the illegitimate daughter of Philip of Austria and Anna of Burgundy. Queenanna was described as a person who never received an education and was always referred to as the mute singer. Her most well-known works are the song ‘Queenannas’ which is also called as ‘The Ballad of the Queenannas’, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Marches’ and ‘The Ballad of Corotin’. Queenannas is believed to be composed by someone based in Italy while the other two texts belong to the Alps and involve Corotin, located in France.

The ‘Rime of the Ancient Marches’ is a romantic story about a kingdom where the king rules but has to tolerate the people. The king has many concubines, who obey him through different ways, but there is one loyal servant, named Ambrosia, who does not obey him at all. Queenanna decides to get Ambrosia put to death but before doing so, she changes the mind of the king and suggests to kill her instead. However, her plan backfires when the king discovers that Ambrosia was executed because she tried to free the imprisoned queen from her cell. Queenanna then tries to get herself put to death by drowning but to no avail; she was saved by the priest, Flavio.

Queenanna is visited by the sage, Fabricius, who tells her the story of how she was condemned to death. He says that there are several women who want the throne for some reasons. The first among them is none other than herself, Ambrosia. The story reveals that Queenanna didn’t know that Ambrosia was conspired against her so she didn’t bother to inform the emperor that she was going to marry Flavio. In fact, the princess decided to visit her sister in order to find out what had happened to her.

Fabricius tells her the story of how he accompanied the princess to her sister’s house where he found out that the princess was already murdered. He tells her that the poison used to be administered by poison placed in a necklace. The necklace was taken to the palace but somehow it was clasped onto the finger of the queen. As a result, Flavio became the new king and the warlord Oleg came to power. He also killed everyone that was present at the palace such as the elders, the knights and even the queens.

Queenanna was very upset that her son was taken away so she went to meet her son; however, she ended up meeting Flavio. She then learned that Flavio is her son and was telling her the truth about his past. Later, she found out that Flavio managed to escape from her custody once she discovered that she was going to be executed. Later, she managed to get herself declared queen.

It is interesting to note that this novel takes place many years after the events of the story. The story deals with Queen Nann, the daughter of King Ages, as well as with the Romans. It is a good read because it is full of drama between her and Flavio.