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The town of Shantalland lies in the very south western corner of coastal British Columbia in the Canadian Maritimes and boasts a stunning coastline of pristine mountain ranges, forested valleys and beautiful rivers that make up the Coastal Range. Many centuries ago, the original settlers of Shantalland developed a prosperous fishing, logging and farming economy. Today, the bustling economy is powered by tourism which includes a large number of wineries, art galleries, art stores, gift shops and gourmet restaurants along with dozens of quaint little cafes, bistros and charming restaurants along the waterways and rivers. A small town like Shantalland will have a charm all its own and will provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of big cities for visitors to British Columbia’s Maritimes.

The most important aspect of Shantalland’s tourism economy is its proximity to Washington state and Oregon. It makes an excellent base for anyone wanting to travel to Canada’s picturesque and scenic west coast from either Washington State or Oregon. Visitors can either stay in a charming hotel or cottage on the water or take advantage of the wide range of rentals, from motor homes and RVs to yachts, luxury yachts and classic boats. No matter what your budget, you can find shantallknowles live cam model ready to cruise the scenic waters of the Columbia River. Tourists can experience the beauty of the region at their own leisure, with no need for a guide.

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In the mid 1990s, the United States Coast Guard established a special team to study the ecology along the Shasta-Trinity National Forests. Scientists and citizens alike have become involved in the study, and it has been used as a means to encourage citizens to support particular areas. Shasta-Trinity National Forests receives approximately one million visitors every single year. Through the years, special events such as the “Big Foot Ball” and “Big Foot Classic Car Show” have been held, attracting hundreds of fans and photographers from near and far. The local economy relies on the tourism generated by both fans and those who enjoy the scientific research of scientists.

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