Trish Collins: Turning Dallas Cowboys Football Around Like the Red Sea

Trish Collin is a name that is all too familiar to NFL fans of the last several decades. As a former player for the Texas Rattlers and the Houston Texans, Collin was a constant thorn in the team’s side during his tenure there. He is also one of the all-time greats at his position and is one of the few players to have three Super Bowl titles with the two franchises. So, when he decides to call it quits, it is naturally going to affect some of the other teams he played for. There is no question that he was one of the best at his position, but many of his fans were upset with how he was let go.

Now, however, he joins the San Diego Chargers as part of a big off-season move that was made by new head coach Bill Parcells. Despite the lack of obvious change, there are some interesting changes happening around the team, particularly on offense. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Trish Collin now that he’s back in the fold.

First, we’re going to see a big boost in the running game. This is a result of the fact that two very talented running backs, Darren Sproles and LaDanian Tomlinson, are now under contract with the team for the upcoming season. The trade up and signing of Sproles to a five-year deal is obviously designed to improve the passing game and help open things up for Sproles and Tomlinson to contend for the running job next season. Also of course, it allows the team to continue developing young talent like Andre Williams. All of these factors will certainly help the team to move forward.

On the offensive line, two new faces have made their presence known. First, Jason Kelce has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs after only one season with the Dallas Cowboys. Though he started just four games over the final eight, Kelce is the lock down right tackle going into 2020. Second, free agent pickup Luke Thomas was acquired from the Saints in exchange for Brian Van Natta.

Most of the time when people think about Trish Collins they tend to focus on his role as the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys. However, Collins has actually developed into one of the best coaching/training coaches in the NFL. After taking over for Rich Grier as the interim coach following the resignation of Bill Parcells, Collins guided the Cowboys to three straight wins including a memorable victory over the hated Eagles in Philadelphia. It was also in this same era that Cowboys running back Marion Barber became one of the best all-around runners in the league.

The truth of the matter is that Trish Collins has inherited an excellent situation in Dallas. The Cowboys have won a franchise-record six straight games, and it appears as if they are on their way to securing another Super Bowl in the near future. Now all they need to do is follow the formula that brought them to this point. Keep the personnel fixed which has allowed them to assemble such a talented and exciting nucleus. Add in a quality running back and a strong defensive line and you have the recipe for success in the NFL.